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Malachowo, Co. Gniezno, Poland,

a medieval lordship, now a group of 4 villages

some maps of Malachowo, Co. Gniezno, Poland how to get to Malachowo by train and bus Mayors and Councils of Malachowo villages Witkowo - site of a parish covering Malachowo two police areas Malachowo villages are divided between (PDF file!)
a chunk of ancient amber found in Malachowo seems
 to suggest Malachowo was a trading post on the famous Amber Trail statue of Isis with Horus found in  Malachowo Malachowo on the Piast Route tourist attraction list rampart of a medieval ring-fort of Malachowo narrow-gauge railway going through Malachowo
the people of Malachowo, Co. Gniezno, Poland 'Gryf Malachowo' football club a biking trail going through 2 Malachowo villages an event organized for the children of Malachowo pilgrimage to Czestochowa, through Malachowo
Malvenkamp - Malachowo under German occupation sewage system planned in Malachowo some companies located in Malachowo, Co. Gniezno, Poland bibliography of regional history of Wielkopolska
some documents mentioning Malachowo
from Codex Diplomaticus Maioris Poloniae

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